This is exactly why your blog doesn’t get audience!

I have interacted with a lot of bloggers & website owners in past six months, and I found something common in each of them; everyone wants to be a successful blogger, and earn a good income out of their blogs or websites.

Then why do most of them fail?

Let’s take a couple of examples here.

In a blogger’s meet last week, I met a passionate blogger who owns a tech-blog. He’s been putting a lot of quality content on his blog since past 3 years, and still his income from the blog is zero due to low traffic.

There was also a lady who had updated around 300 nice articles on her wedding blog, still awaiting the audience to reach out to the blog and read that content! Again – zero earnings from that site.

This is actually a problem with 90% of the bloggers. They keep writing content on their sites in a hope that one day the blog will become popular.

Do you also face the same problem?

This is exactly why your blog doesn't get audience!

Audience won’t reach out to you, you have to reach out to the audience

I will go into the details of content marketing (or reaching out to your audience) in a later post, but remember; you need to reach out to your audience with your content in early stages of your blog. Otherwise, like 90% of the bloggers, you will fail.

The reason is simple; Most of the time you are writing on a topic on which there already are hundreds of posts on the internet. How can you expect to overcome your competitors without marketing your content?

Hence, content marketing is the most important thing.

Now, how & where do you market your content?

The answer is simple! Your market is where your audience exists. This can be social sites like facebook, Twitter or Google+, Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), Forums, Q & A sites, Online communities & so on. Now, there is a right way to target each of these tremendous sources of traffic, and this is what will teach you in coming weeks.

So, get ready to promote your blog with me. Have fun.

Gaurav Jaggi

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