Setting up a Digital Marketing Agency

If you are a pro in blogging and SEO willing to take the next step, setting up a digital marketing agency should be your goal.

There are several methods of doing that. In today’s post, I am going to explain one such method in which your company has an online presence, and you can get good clients from countries like USA & UK. I am assuming that you have an initial investment to start the company.

So let’s start.

Services to Offer

Pick a broad name so that you can expand into different digital services later on. You can initially cover:

  •  SEO
  • Guest post placement
  • Content writing
  • Pay per click account management
  • Social media account management
  • Web design
  • Web build
  • Graphic services

If there are any of the above that you cannot do personally then find good freelancers that you can work with.

Getting Clients

If you want to get work from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada then register a .com domain not a country specific domain. Also host the domain in the country you would like to get most clients from as where the site is hosted plays a part in its rankings.

Buying in traffic in this sector is very expensive so do not do it initially.

Focus on setting the webpages up for the above services but pick keywords that in time you can rank for.

Companies are looking for affordable SEO & Web Design solutions these days amidst tough competition among the vendors.

So, your targeted keyword types could be:

->> Affordable SEO services

->> Affordable Web Design services

& So on…

 To get your site ranking for these kinds of terms will take time. SEO and web design are super competitive so expect it to take 12 to 18 months. But you can also expect to start to see traffic by about month 3.

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Setting up a Digital Marketing Agency

Google+ Circle is important

To get the traffic you need to blog regularly. Set up Google authorship. Get regular guest blog posts on high quality related websites or blogs. Push Google+ hard as it impacts rankings and you need to grow your circles as much as possible on the Google+ network.

Build of your website

For the web build use WordPress. You need to make pages for all the main service pages and then use posts just for your blog posts.

In month 1 focus on building out the website and its design. Use CCS3 and HTML5 as you can then submit the site to the CSS and HTML galleries, which can provide some great easy to get backlinks to get the link development started.

Keyword Research is Crucial

Start your link building slowly. Patience is critical as you are on a journey that in this sector will take over a year to get high rankings. But the wait will be worth it.

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To get early traffic for the site you will need to do a lot of keyword research. The aim will be to find topics that there is some search for and to write a guide around the topic. You can then submit the guide to bookmarking sites to start getting people aware of it. The guides need to be really high quality because you want people to share them to assist in developing backlinks.

Smart Hiring

Success will depend on trial and error & most importantly how much passion & smart work you do. Don’t increase your staff too fast, as then you would be continually reliant on adding more contracts every month. If the clients leave you, you wouldn’t be able to pay the wage bill.

So grow the business steadily but do not try to go too fast. You can use a lot of freelancers to cover the extra work and only employ another person when you are very sure you have plenty of work. Then if work reduces because you lose a client or two you can reduce the amount of work that you send to freelancers but will not have problems with your employees.

This was all about it. If you have always wanted to set up your own digital marketing agency, then this is the right time to start. The digital marketing field is booming all across the world and if you build up a brand soon, it’s going to be an asset for your future generations as well.

Let us know what you think.

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