Private Blog Networks & Search Engine Rankings – Old Relationship

No matter what others tell you about it, Private Blog Networks (fondly known as PBNs) are the “in-thing” of SEO 2014. They have the capacity to rank you for any keyword irrespective of its competition. Having said that, you must know how to build and use a PBN in the right way for best results.

For someone who has just entered the field of SEO, they don’t know much about it because most SEOs like to keep such things a secret. But as you grow in this field, you understand the importance of PBNs & their huge role in SERPs.

What is Private blog network or PBN?

As you all know, runs on an algorithm which takes into account different factors for ranking your website on top. “Backlinks” are one of the foremost factors which decide the rankings of your keywords amidst competition on the top page. PBNs surpass all other forms of backlink techniques like guest posting, web 2.0s, forums, content submission & so on! They are “simply the best” form of backlinks.

PBN refers to your self-created blogs on different IPs in a specific niche (in which you want to rank your money site). You gradually build backlinks (almost any kind of links can be built to them) to your PBN sites to boost their authority & trust in Google, & once they have sufficient link juice to pass on your main site, you get the great backlinks from them.

Building a PBN is not as simple as it may sound, but it’s not difficult either. Let’s check out some advantages of a PBN.

Private Blog Networks & Search Engine Rankings - Old Relationship

Advantages of Private blog network

  • You have complete control over the backlinks from your Private blog Network.
  • Unlike other forms of backlinks which actually end up passing very little link juice (as the page they are actually present on has very less PR, even if the homepage is PR5), you can place your links wherever you want.
  • PBN can be used for ranking multiple blogs for multiple keywords.
  • One long-term link from a high PR PBN site = tens of guest posts! Yes, that’s true.
  • Once you setup a PBN, it can be fruitful for a long time period unlike other forms of baclinking where you have to make efforts to get the backlinks again & again.

Sounds exciting?

Do you want to learn how to make your own private blog network with very little investment & huge returns?

If yes, comment below & if many readers would like to learn about it, my next post on “How to develop a Private Blog Network like a Pro?” will come soon.

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