Interview with Amit Dey – Yuvashop Founder & Startup Expert

Amid hundreds of bloggers looking for short term quick money, there is a hidden gem somewhere who has a different vision – something that takes a lot of guts and courage. Yes I am talking about the startup guy and multi versatile Amit Dey.

Multi versatile? Yes, because he not only knows SEO, Affiliate marketing, blogging & such skills but he is also a great team leader, motivator, thinker and visionary! His “Think Big, Stay Humble” attitude has time & again inspired me and thus I thought of bringing him in open for all of you! 🙂

Interview Amit dey blog with jags

Let’s check out the interview of Amit Dey – the founder of budding e-commerce portal YUVASHOP (& couple more startups which he will unfold later) and grab as many lessons as possible from him.

Q1. Hi buddy! How are you doing today? Glad to have you on Blog With Jags. We are friends for a long time, and I know a lot of things about you in parts, but today the readers will get a chance to know about you fully!

Ans – I am doing just fine buddy. Honestly having very hectic schedule as I am now officially launching my dream startup (finally). Anyway, I am glad to be here, never thought of getting featured on such a high class platform. Hope this interview will be fruitful to some of your readers.

Q2. High class platform? 🙂 It’s you people and my readers who have made BWJ where it’s today. Anyways yeah finally your dream startup! We will talk more about it.

To start with, would you tell us how you got into online marketing, and blogging & how long it’s been now?

Ans – Don’t be modest. BWJ is a brand now, and it’s you who has build it from scratch so you truly deserve every bit of credit for it.

Well, it was in the year of 2009 when I first dive into online marketing by searching that old terms like “how to make money online” or “how to make money online without investment” etc. After that I tried some PPC sites, then tried some sites like PaisaPay etc. None of these worked for me. Then one day I came to know about blogging while reading an article while searching something on Google. And now it’s been almost 6 years, and things were quite good in these past years.

Q3. How did you start in blogging? Many newbies reading this would be interested in knowing that! Was it exactly adsense, or affiliate or you ranked and banked?

Ans – In my initial days at 2009, I thought blogging is easy. I copied articles from some news sites, and applied for adsense and got approval (yes, this was that easy back then). Then I added the ad codes, and started clicking on the ads and also told friends to click on the same. I was having CTR of around 300%, 500% at these days ( 😛 :-P). But soon then Google banned my account, and that was the day when my blogging career actually started. It was in the beginning of 2010. After that I invested much time in learning than earning, and eventually that worked.

Q4. Invested more time in learning than earning! Aah that’s where one can take a lesson from, if he has just started in blogging! Looking for money isn’t the right approach, but knowledge. Right?

Ans – Obviously! If you are aiming for excellence then sooner or later money will follow you. So first learn and then earn.

Q5. I’m a big fan of your self-created motivation quotes must say! Coming to the main point, what made you lots of money, when and how? 😉

Ans – Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, SEO Projects, Freelancing, YouTube. I have tried and got success in every field. The basic secret of success is that I am quick learner and I just don’t learn things, I quickly implement that learnings and eventually bank some amount of money by that. Short and Simple. Anyone can replicate that !

Q6. You have done so much that it would take me a very long interview to get all the secrets out haha! Would you like to talk about your most successful site till date, or any such project and how it minted money?

Ans – The first site with which I got success was a job site. In that time Government Jobs were in trends (it’s still in trends I guess), even I was applying for some while studying engineering. I made a site on Recruitment, Exam Guides etc and earned good money from adsense and affiliates (by selling books etc). After that I started few tech sites, tried few events (back then event blogging was quite fun) etc. I was also quite active on popular forums like DP, BHW, Warrior Forum etc, and made some great connections which later helped me to bank some SEO projects and earned some money.

Q7. Would you like to talk of the amount of money you made in your peak days, just so that some of us can get motivated? I know you have invested a lot in your recent startups, and investment doesn’t come without earnings.

Ans – I had started from $0/day and within 1.5 years I was making around $300/day and by mid 2013 I was making constant $500/day. Honestly I don’t remember about the highest amount of money  I banked in a single day but it’s well above 1k USD (I am not counting money earned from event blogs in it). I have seen ups and downs both, as few months back I came down to nearly $50/day from $500/day (just imagine), but now I am going up again 🙂

Q8. Wow! That much amount of money in 2013 when most of us were still learning is impressive. And probably you were doing event blogging successfully when hardly handful of us knew that term. If I am not wrong, affiliate marketing had a big role to play in these figures?

Ans- Yes, honestly back then event blogging was quite fun. There are few bloggers from India who were doing it back then, and at that time it was nearly impossible to differentiate an event blog from a general blog. We used to provide value to the users, but nowadays event blogging is almost killed by the greed of some of the Indian so called probloggers. They not only misused this beautiful thing but also misguided all the newbies to replicate the same thing.

And yes, affiliate marketing had a very big role to play in my figures. I tried Flipkart, Amazon and few other sites too. I even tried selling products from some direct companies. Affiliate marketing needs special skills and highly converting contents and blog design. however, I have now realised that working as an affiliate to some other companies is like misusing your own potentialities. So now I will be focussing on developing my own products and then selling it to the open marketplace using my skills.

Q9. Great! Yes and our next business plan is based on that only. Anyways that’s a secret 😉

Coming to the hot topic, SEO! How do you think it has changed in past few years, and what is the right strategy to rank in 2015?

Ans – Yes buddy. “Parde me rehne do, Pardaa naa uthao”. Haha!

Well, SEO has changed a lot in past few years, and it will keep changing. With every change gaming Google is becoming more n more difficult, and in next few years SEO may become absolutely irrelevant. Google is running after money (big brands), so if you wanna be in the game you need to focus on branding from now itself because in next few years Trust Factor and Authority of the site will be the key for ranking for sure. That’s why I am quitting this SEO business by next year itself. I will be focusing more into my startups and our upcoming business project.

Q10.  Still skipped how one can rank in 2015? 😀 When you are on BWJ, you need to answer it all and expose yourself haha!

Ans – Oops, it was unintentional. Anyway the right strategy to rank a site in 2015 depends on many factors. But the basic things are the following:
1. Proper On Page and SILO (You may refer to Brian Dean’s article on that)
2. Keyword Research, Good Quality articles and solid interlinking (You also need to update your articles regularly)
3. High Authority Editorial (Contextual) links which pass the Trust factor (if you are not that good in outreach campaign then you need to buy them)

  1. You need to power up your best links by Tiered Link Building
  2. Anchor Text Diversity
  3. Social Signals
  4. The P** Recipe 😉 (The Wise will understand)

But if you are like me and wanna stay ahead in the rat race, then you should focus on creating a brand, and in that case some strategies will be different.

Q11. Thanks for that list. Coming to the last part, and much curious to know about your upcoming startup cum Ecommerce portal YUVASHOP !! What’s it all about and what are your plans with this little beast?

Ans – Yuvashop is a dream and after a long wait finally I am living it. It’s a shopping portal for the youths of India, that’s why the name Yuva (Youth) Shop. My plan is to make it the No. 1 e-Commerce store in India dedicated towards the Youths, and to be frank also earning hell lot of money from it while establishing its brand all over India. Yuvashop is just a start though, my entrepreneurship journey will continue. Now I am hiring the best possible team for Yuvashop to make it the real beast 🙂

Q12. Wow! With such a “Think Big” attitude, you often motivate the hell out of me!! and I am sure readers are loving it too! All the best for Yuvashop! Any final words you would like to say to the aspiring bloggers and digital entrepreneurs out there?

Ans – Yes. They just need to remember this famous quote by Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. They just need to dream BIG, and strengthen the reason (WHY) for which they wanna live/achieve that dream. I know my reasons very well, that’s why after taking so many betrayals, and facing so many barriers, I am still up & running and living my dreams. Life is a race indeed, and moving ahead is the key.

Final words

Gaurav – Wow thanks for those great words!! I am personally feeling very motivated. Thanks once again! All the very  best for your upcoming ecommerce venture and other projects!

Amit – Thanks a lot. I am a very ordinary guy with very ordinary skills, so If I can make it, anyone can easily make it too. The key is to have patience, invest time in learning and implementing and then banking money and living the life that you want to live. Short, sweet and simple. All the best to you too Gaurav, do the best work for yourself, and make me proud, as I am looking forward to a $$$$$$ funding from you for my startup by next year 😛

Gaurav Jaggi

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