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In this article, I will try to cover complete steps to get approved in Google News, along with the benefits of Google News and its features.

This comes from continuous research and successful Google News approval of our website, which we didn’t even submit to Google News. It automatically featured there, as Google loved the on-page structure, the quality & fresh contents among other features on the website.

What is Google News?

Google News is a service started by the giant search engine Google for its users, in which they aggregate news from the best sources around the world and show them on the top of their results. You also feature at with all other prestigious sites.

 Check this screenshot for example.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.37.59 pm

When you are a Google News approved website, you get huge amounts of traffics since your news article is featured at the top without having to rank for the targeted keywords. Isn’t it awesome?

But it is not as easy as it sounds. Getting approval in Google news take dedicated efforts, a team of quality writers and knowledge about the rules & quality guidelines for Google News websites. Here you can check the official guidelines for Google News inclusion (includes general, technical as well as content guidelines).

Benefits of Getting into Google News

  • Huge Amount of traffic
  • Great Brand value
  • High Market Value of the website
  • High number of natural, organic links by other authority sources
  • Improved keyword rankings naturally, fast indexing among other benefits.
  • High Monetization awards, prestige and easy sponsored ads / posts.

In short, lots & lots of name, fame, traffic and money.

How to Start?

 Here are the requirements / steps.

Get a Brandable Domain Name & Clean Structure

Take for example: It’s a brandable domain name with well-structured homepage title and Meta description. An attractive logo and proper social media pages would be great add-ons to the brand value of your website.

Magazine Style Theme & Clean Design with Multiple Categories

Magazine style themes, along with providing value to your users, also improve the bounce rate of your website to great extents. Having multiple categories is also important. You can choose different categories whichever you like.

Utility Pages & Proper Contact Information

Pages like contact us, about us, disclaimer & privacy policy enhance your chance of getting approved. They are also a clear signal of your authenticity. Put proper physical address, a custom email id (for eg: [email protected]), and phone number on your Contact Us page.

Start from Day 1

If you think that you can put low quality contents initially, & then boost up your quality as days of submitting to Google news come near, you are wrong. You have to start from Day 1. I will talk more about writing content for a Google News Website later in this post.

Have multiple authors & have a “Meet the Team” page

Google wants to ensure honest & unbiased journalism. Also, it’s highly advantageous if multiple writers are writing on your website (or atleast that’s what your “Meet the team” page should show”. You should have multiple author accounts on your website.

A Date & Time Widget

Check this screenshot. You should have a present date & time showcase on your blog.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.41.40 pm

WordPress vs. Blogger

After running on Blogger for a long time, we are now migrating to WordPress. This is because blogger has a lot of SEO limitations, whereas in WordPress there are easy plugins & features for the same. So start your News website on WordPress only.

Note: There is a myth that Google requires a url which is unique to 3 digits for Google news approval. That’s wrong. Check where nothing similar has been done, but still it got approval.

How to write Content for your Google News site?

It’s easy to accomplish the above mentioned points like having a date-time widget, or the utility pages etc. What separates most websites which don’t get approved in Google news from sites which get easy inclusion is their content.

You must update fresh contents daily which provide value to the users. Update 3-4 articles daily (atleast) and do it continuously for 2-3 months before thinking to apply for Google News. It’s a pain to write so much content if you don’t have a writing team. However, once you feature your site in google news, your life is set. With little efforts, you will get great traffic streams.

Update news faster than others. Follow twitter profiles of authority sportspersons, politicians, movie starts, business owners and create news as soon as you get any controversial or big tip. There are a handful of news websites from India in google news if consider the total number of news sites, and those sites are getting huge visibility & exposure.

Check out how we write contents, and maintain quality on Get inspired & start your journey to owning a Google News website. If you have any questions or doubts, just leave a comment here and let me know.

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