Getting A Google Adsense Approval – The Gorgeous Guide

For most of the Bloggers, the first income source is : GOOGLE ADSENSE. From the moment we start blogging to reaching the further hikes of this Digital World, it stays as the Primary and most Trustworthy source of Earning. This Basic Reason, which makes it as a very difficult mean to attain for many (Though, Some attain it like a PRO).

To be very precise and apt (That, we will be for you via in the whole structured-article, without beating any bush): Getting an “Adsense-Account-Approval” is not a miracle or a So-Difficult-Task that, not everyone can aim, It is just about how much “Professional” you can be, as a Businessman is!

We won’t be teaching you how to create an email-id or login to C’mon, you all are my so-learned and professional seekers of the future, I will reveal some tactics which will sharpen your skills and make you an easy-gamer : Be it Google Adsense or Google Search Engine. Let us Rule it “Like A Boss”!

 google adsense approval

“You just have to work on ETHICS and follow the rules, Not only you will get an Approval then but will also make it a Premium one”

So, Starting from the very basics:

1. Get a very Simplified yet Apt Theme for your blog (Obviously, According to the Niche) and make it Precise and Responsive for the Desktop as well as the Mobile users. It is not mandatory to use an already approved adsense theme, C’mon they were also once used for the first time. Work from your logics and Sense.

2. Create Basic and Mandatory pages like : About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy policy and Contact Us and The Team (In case, you have an association-blog)

3. Put the email-id on which you are going to claim the Adsense Account in the Contact us Area. (This ensures Google and sorts things in a better way, Psychology Hit! Isn’t it? )

4. Number of Posts does not matter, people grab the accounts on 2 as well but making it 10-15 will land you to a safe side. (Prevention is better than cure! Right?) Frame posts of more than 300 words with unique and differential content.

5. Never-Ever forget to Attach one reference Image to your post and Always add appropriate ALT TEXT in them.

6. Avoid any Outbound link for the time-being and In case, your blog is an Old gamer do make sure that, they don’t look like the Spam ones.

7. Don’t Forget to create a Site-Map. Do Submit your blog in Google Web-Master and try to keep one blog in one web-Master Account. (Remember, As per the policy A person is legit for one or two blog only that too interrelated. This is the reason once detected as SPAM or A FLICK of FIRE strikes, Google tends to penalize the whole PBN)

8. Try maintaining at-least one Social Media Profile as Choice by many is always considered Worth and in case, you are open to that: makes you transparent.

9. Make things look more simpler and approachable. Create an engaging blog with a promised structure. No matter how much content you have, even 2 posts are enough to let Google know how will you handle it further. Do it your way 🙂 Nothing and Nobody can teach you better than your own logics and sense.

10. Last but not the Least, The most important Fact : Keep the domain and site live on which you made your Adsense. Once gone, sooner or later, will take your account too. You are given Adsense for one Blog, It is us who turn Greedy and make use of it on much-much-many!

Play Safe! Play Hard!

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