Digital Marketing Webinar with Risemetrics Founders and Shaswat Shah

October 24, 2015

The BWJ professional webinars on blogging, SEO, digital marketing & such topics gained quite a lot of momentum in last few months. They are becoming a source of motivation and learning for all aspiring bloggers who want to learn everything from scratch, from the experts and for free (In case you want to check all our previous, awesome webinars: go here -> BWJ Webinars list)

In the same direction, we take a bigger leap today as we announce the “Biggest Webinar in BWJ History”.

Digital Marketing & Rankings webinar with three of the most accomplished Digital marketers from Indian blogosphere – Suumit Shah, Subhash Chandra and Shaswat Shah.

Suumit Shah is the founder of a hugely successful SEO Agency in Mumbai called Risemetric with multi million dollar start ups as their clients and several other start-ups under the main brand. He is an accomplished affiliate marketer, SEO expert and a lavish personality minting huge income levels.

Subhash Chandra is an Adwords & SEO expert and the co-founder of the awesome Risemetric. He is a super cool and smart guy, & after the webinar his PPT even featured on homepage of Slideshare – such a presentator he is.

Shaswat Shah is a truly passionate SEO & blogger who loves researching on the new SEO concepts, link building methods and then rank high calibre keywords based on the same. He has also been associated to Risemetric in the past.

In this webinar they will together take the audience on their toes and talk about digital marketing, PBNs, tiered link building structures, web 2.0s & their power and more!

So get ready as the webinar unfolds.

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Gaurav Jaggi

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Gaurav Jaggi

Gaurav Jaggi is a professional digital marketer, SEO consultant & a realtime guide for aspiring bloggers.

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