Beginning the SEO journey with Anurag Balagam – Webinar

September 2, 2014

We are back with the second episode in the series “Advanced Traffic Generation & Blogging Success Webinars” on

Today a real SEO expert Anurag Balagam is going to talk about some most important aspects of SEO including —

>> On-page optimization

>> Keyword Research & Competition Analysis

>> Long tail keywords

>> How to write SEO optimized article

>> Difference between social media & SEO content (& traffic)

Beginning the SEO journey with Anurag Balagam – Webinar

At the end of session, we will take your doubts (just post your questions in the comment section below) live in hangout & through replies to your comments! Enjoy!!

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FAQs (related to above session)

1. What is appropriate keyword density for any article, and how many times can I use the main keyword?

-> You need to spread your main + secondary (long tail) keywords throughout the article to check keyword stuffing! The optimum KW Density is 1-2% generally. When you use your keywords in title, meta description, subheadings etc, Google will automatically rank you for them based on your authority. You need not stuff keywords anymore after Google’s latest updates.

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