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WJ cares for its audience, that’s why we have brought in one of the great hustlers of adsense Mr. Chandra Sekhar popularly known as Chandu, who has been in this field for many years making $$$$$ from adsense. He is a passionate Interent Enterprenur who loves to experiment and keep learning more & more on ways to earn from Google adsense, and do it in the most effective ways.

Enjoying the webinars, and learning? After our RANK & BANK 2015 SEO Webinar with Fernando Raymond, we planned to target a topic which huge majority of bloggers want to learn about.

YES, It is Google Adsense.

This webinar will cover 100+ questions from our readers which we have already written down, and many more topics like CPC, CTR tips, Custom ads, RPM, Ad placements which Chandu would love to cover for you all. Special thanks to Iftekhar Ahmed from IFTISEO who helped us organize the complete thing, and has been actively promoting our webinars on his secret group for bloggers called “Premium Tricks by IftiSEO” on facebook.

Last, but not the least, we want to thank Tony John Sir who has been the guiding light for all of us, and will also be guiding this webinar & make sure the learners get the best of the knowledge.

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